Legion Invasion Timer

Legion Invasion Timer: Fact

If the most popular MMORPG interface based game named the “World of Warcraft” has skipped you, make sure you give it a try. Experience gaming taken to a whole new level with legions, worlds, monsters, and ample scope for role playing. Now, that you have started developing interest in this subject, let’s get to know about this game. In this particular article, our focus is learning more about World of Warcraft’s Legion Invasion Timer.

Below are the timings

US Realms

Invasion active now!

Next invasion in:







9:00 pm → 3:00 am

Invasion schedule

Date Start Finish
Friday 4 January9:00 pm → 3:00 am
Saturday 5 January3:30 pm → 9:30 pm
Sunday 6 January10:00 am → 4:00 pm
Monday 7 January4:30 am → 10:30 am
Monday 7 January11:00 pm → 5:00 am
Tuesday 8 January5:30 pm → 11:30 pm
Wednesday 9 January12:00 pm → 6:00 pm
Thursday 10 January6:30 am → 12:30 pm
Friday 11 January1:00 am → 7:00 am
Friday 11 January7:30 pm → 1:30 am

This is one among the most important features of WoW that follows a pre-set algorithm allowing the players to keep note of the upcoming invasion that is set in the game for introduction of adrenalin rush from trying to save the kingdom from attack. Now, when we take a look at this game rules for Legion Invasion Timer, you will notice that there needs to be at least 1 invasion per day. Additionally, 4 of the invasion cycles get introduced every 3 days. This doesn’t suggest that invasions at WoW are unique. One can experience two same invasions within 3 days. Legion Assaults mostly occur within 18 hours.

What are Legion Assault Quests?

Legion Assaults tend to be one among the effective ways when it comes to taking your character to the higher level. Assaults are the best move when it comes to leveling through the Legion content. However, they can only take place once after every eighteen hours.

Legion Assault Quests: Legion Invasion Timer

Legion Assaults is one among highly effective protocols that take the game character towards a whole new level. Assaults come as best move for leveling through legion content one step at a time. However, these assaults can only occur once after each set of 18 hours has passed by.

How can you complete Legion Assault while adhering to Legion Invasion Timer?

Stage-1: At this stage, one needs to complete at least 4 of Demonic World Quests. In any particular zone, there can be 4+ of the World Quests. One can easily complete this until the Assault despawns.
Stage-2:Now, this stage is where one can easily assist the allies for cleansing the Legion from zone.
Stage-3: The players of WoW can line up to participate in the 3-player scenario meant for invading Legion ship.

How to unlock the Legion World Quests?

One can unlock Legion World Quests after attaining 110 levels. This can occur only when one completes unification of Isles. Additionally, the player should earn “Friendly” when following all of the required reputations while you zone through various quests and level up.