BFA Faction Assault Timer

BFA Invasion Timer Introduction

BFA Faction Assault Timer from the World of Warcraft game. Know everything that is to understand this feature in WoW.

EU Realms

Invasion active now!

Next invasion in:







1:30 pm → 8:30 pm

Invasion schedule

Date Start Finish
Monday 27 May1:30 pm → 8:30 pm
Tuesday 28 May8:30 am → 3:30 pm
Wednesday 29 May3:30 am → 10:30 am
Wednesday 29 May10:30 pm → 5:30 am
Thursday 30 May5:30 pm → 12:30 am
Friday 31 May12:30 pm → 7:30 pm
Saturday 1 June7:30 am → 2:30 pm
Sunday 2 June2:30 am → 9:30 am
Sunday 2 June9:30 pm → 4:30 am
Monday 3 June4:30 pm → 11:30 pm

BFA Faction Assaults/Battle for Azeroth Faction Assaults

Formerly named as incursions, Battle for Azeroth Faction Assaults always starts with the WoW (World of Warcraft) Patch 8.1. They operate in a way similar to the Legion Invasions. However, here, the enemy is the opposite faction. Alliance and Horde have the Faction Assaults in the very same zone where one serves as an attacker, and the other one serves as a defender. Alliance and Horde mostly share their quest areas; the Warmode could actually be dangerous.

BFA Faction Assaults/Battle for Azeroth Faction Assaults

How often does this occur?

To be a part of Faction Assault you need to be at a minimum of Level 110. Not just that, the Level 110 based characters that haven’t ever been to the opposition continent need to gain a minimum of 100 resources for war. Additionally, the war resources need to turn in as the part of war campaign for a sail over.
Moreover, you can look for a warlock that is friendly and hope that he summons you over. Make sure you pick up a map for flight path only from 7th Legion or else the Honorbound vendor. That is only if your character is with the BFA Pathfinder’s first part.

When can you start a Faction Assault?

While levelling amid the levels 110-119, these Assaults house around 4 to 7 World Quests which is available for you to complete, here, the average is at least 5 World Quests. The rewards acquired from these quests include the bonus experience, which is most common, azurite, and even some war resources.
You need to complete a minimum of 4 such World Quests in order to get into the Faction Assault Final Quest. Unlike the Legion Invasions, these Assaults are available for all characters which include the levelling characters — completing the final quest rewards you with a total of 5 different Service Medals. This also includes 1000 reputation rewards with Honorbound, 7th Legion when on the continent of the enemy, and lastly, 500 game reputations. You can get 500 Zone’s Reputation only if you have been fighting over at your very own continent. The levelling characters shall also receive experience along with 10 percent bonus experience which lasts for an hour and persists till the death of the character.
Level 120 based characters can get accustomed with the same quests but with a different set of rewards. This includes gold, reputation, azurite, gear, and experience. Additionally, you might also get access to Conquest (PvP currency) when the War Mode has been enabled.

What rewards are accompanied with Faction Assault?

With no active heirlooms, you cannot expect a gain of a level every time you participate in the Faction Assault. The BFA Assaults tend to award way less experience as opposed to the Legion Invasions. However, this is one among the fastest methods for levelling up between 111 and 120. The major gain in levelling from the BFA Faction Assault Timer includes 10 percent bonus experience post completion of the final quest.

Stages of BFA Faction Assault

As compared to the Legion Assaults, the BFA Assaults tend to be very simple. You do not need to look for the end scenario or wait in the queue. All this can be completed in a solo move.
Stage-1: Complete at least 4 World Quests for BFA Assault
Stage-2: Travel to the specific location which is zone dependent
Stage-3: Defeat or sabotage your enemy faction